Thursday, January 05, 2017

Happy New Year! 2017 is in full swing, and there is an aroma of new possibilities and exciting opportunities. I have never really been in love with the idea of resolutions, as I always feel disappointment lingering over my head. They're something I struggle with, but I thought I would give them a shot this year. Instead of calling them resolutions, they will be small goals that I can accomplish each and everyday.

The end of 2016 was a rough one for me, especially because I did not expect such a challenging transition from my first year of college to my second. For starters, I moved into my very first apartment, which meant a lot of trial and error. I am not a morning person and having to wake up earlier every morning was a battle between me and my alarm clock.

1) Literally jump out of bed. It's a start to prevent myself from sleeping in and hitting snooze. I like to blast music to wake me up, so I plan to make my bed while having a mini dance party in the morning!

Freshmen fifteen is long gone, because now my decisions consist of making dinner or studying. I recently read that there are two kinds of people in the world, ones who either cook to live or live to cook. As a big foodie, I am going to strive for the latter.

2) Learn to make an omelette. Eggs are one of the easiest ingredients to manipulate. I love scrambled eggs, hard-boiled eggs, sunny-side up eggs, and the list goes on. Omelettes are my favorite to eat, so my goal is to make them my favorite to prepare!

One of the difficulties I dealt with toward the end of the year was facing and accepting rejection and failure. After devoting time and energy into an organization, only for it to not work out in the end made me feel useless and incompetent. I never want to feel that way again. I shed my tears and learned from the experience, so now I can move on as a stronger person.

3) Be open to new opportunities. You will never understand if you don't learn from your own mistakes. In hindsight, I am so grateful for that rejection letter. The letter itself exposes nothing of who you are as a person, but your actions after you read it. I found friends who really cared for me and who found the right words to comfort me. I was then able to reassess my values to prioritize my health, happiness, and friends. I want to strive to be a person I would want to befriend.

Thank you so much for a year of support and love, and I cannot wait for what the future holds for us!


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