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Thursday, July 20, 2017

Similar Denim Jacket/ Thrifted Maxi Dress (love this floral one and this striped one)/ Converse 

Preface: I have wanted to write this post for the longest time, but I was a little worried as to what I would end up with. Therefore, my hiatus only continued to lengthen. Now that I finished, my writing unfiltered and vulnerable, I feel a sense of relief. I started this blog as an outlet to express my style and personality, and I hope I never forget that. This is a reminder to do what you love and to never let go of your curiosity, passion, and dreams. This quote has been in my head the past few days: If your dreams aren't scaring you, you aren't dreaming big enough.
What’s the one thing everyone in this day and age says they can’t live without? Here’s a hint: you’re probably holding it right now. Cellphones have become such a crucial aspect to our lives to stay up-to-date on everything that goes on in our world— from the latest controversial actions of President Trump to viral cat videos to the royal family. We are all intertwined in the social media conglomerate. Lately I have been grappling with the action of taking photos. 

 Am I taking a picture because I want to post it on Instagram and share it with my followers, or do I want to capture the moment for myself to relive later? The answer is both at times, but then I get caught up with taking the “perfect picture.” Is the lighting okay? Is this my good side? What time do I post to get the maximum amount of likes? As all these questions run through my mind, I get frustrated all over again because I am not taking the photo for my own sake anymore. I don’t want to show off the great parts of my life to people who will probably glance at the photo for two seconds and then move on. Life is all about the good and the bad, the imperfections and the unplanned moments. When did we become a generation of endless scrolling and mindless reading? I love making memories and capturing them, but to what point am I living life through a camera? How do I live in the moment in such a digital-driven era? 

We are a society that thrives on “Instagram worthy” commerce. The whole furor over rolled ice cream was a huge craze that made people wait in line for hours. However, I'm guilty there, too. I was one of those people that paid extra and waited in life for them to roll my ice cream. I wanted to take the photo of my rolled ice cream and send it to my friends. After devouring the whole cup, I was quite disappointed. It tasted like ice cream I could get from the store, for much less and without the wait. I try to make myself feel better by arguing that I am paying for the experience. I can say that I have tried it. As a blogger, I have to take pictures for my blog to accompany my written posts. I have favorite bloggers who have professional photographers with their blogs, and again I get distracted from the actual moment to think about what others will think. Their livelihoods are based around having a solid fan base that read and comment on the blogs. Without readers, I along with many successful bloggers would be writing for fun, no sponsorships or monetary bonus. This may not necessarily be a negative thing, but bloggers can get caught up with what their readers want, so in turn they stop writing for themselves and what sparks their passion. They get warped into the mindset that everything they put on their platform is for the ratings, likes, and comments. The joy and fun get lost and forgotten. 

Photography is a great way to relive some of our most cherished times. I personally love planning photoshoots with friends and laughing at all of the funny faces we made; the candid and unposed images always turn out to be the best ones. As an amateur photographer, blogging is a great way to gain experience and start a portfolio. I struggle with the idea of latest trends because they appear just as quickly as they disappear. Many of us spend hours on our phones in all kinds of situations and places—waiting for the bus or trying to pass time. We are so focused on looking down that we miss life’s fleeting moments. I get fearful and stressed when I see others taking photos, questioning myself if I should do the same. 

I started blogging as a way to showcase my personal style and discover my own voice. Fashion is such an exciting and ever-changing trend—the best way to be yourself. Yet, now the modern digital age has hindered any motivation to write about what I wore on a specific day. Am I making a difference? With the news and contact with others at our fingertips, everyone is watching to see our next move. That pressure makes us feel that we must always do well, something that will change the world—otherwise, we are self-serving beings. Even with all the attention others give us, it all comes down to our personal goals, wishes, and our well-being. The most important thing to remember in this digital age where everyone is watching, is that we only have one life within which to be happy, and accomplish our dreams.

How do you feel about the modern digital age? Comment down below with your thoughts! 



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  1. I love this post! So genuine. So real. Digitizing our lives is fun, but I think it's important to do it because we want to and because it makes us happy. I feel like we sometimes do it for other people. Or we feel like we need to change who we are in order to fit the mold of what we think others want us to be. Keep doing what you're doing!


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